Eastern Suburbs

Experienced Psychologists in the Eastern Suburbs of Sydney with expertise in couple’s therapy, adult therapy, grief and relationship management.

Psychology Services

Offering short and long-term psychological therapy services for adults, couples, families, adolescents, children and corporate clients.

Couple's Therapy

Located in Sydney’s Eastern Suburbs, Armchair Psychology helps to provide long-lasting happiness to couples by enhancing relationships. We help to teach you effective communication and conflict resolution skills, in a positive and approachable way.

Family Therapy

Individuals may harbour hurt and resentment resulting in an impact on family life or in the family dynamic. Our Eastern Suburbs Psychologists can help families who may experience challenging interactions.

Adult's Therapy

At Armchair Psychology, our Eastern Suburbs psychologists offer therapy for a range of concerns. We aim to help individuals build self-esteem, manage work stresses, establish and deal with relationships and handle anger management.

How to achieve work/life balance?

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About Armchair Psychology

Armchair Psychology was established by clinical psychologist Amanda Gordon, and is based in Edgecliff, in the Eastern Suburbs of Sydney, providing psychological services within a close proximity to the Sydney CBD. We have a team of experienced psychologists, available to help you deal with the full range of life issues. Whether as an individual, couple or family, we are passionate about providing you with practical skills to better manage your emotions and make positive choices for your life.

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We are very passionate about providing you with the resources you need to manage your concerns in a practical and helpful way.

Our Team

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Amanda Gordon

Amanda has an innate ability to translate psychological wisdom into practical life skills. Amanda loves to work with individuals, couples and families.

isabella kristo

Isabella Kristo

Isabella Kristo is an accredited mental health social worker with over seventeen years’ experience. She delivers a flexible service.

peter jones

Peter Jones

Peter’s straightforward approach will help you zero in on the issues that really matter. He excels in motivating and challenging adults and couples to overcome their current obstacles and achieving their goals.

No referrals needed.
Medicare Rebates may apply with a GP referral.
Private Health Fund rebates should apply.

Our team has many years experience in providing psychological support and have special interest areas to cater to your needs. Get in touch today to book an appointment with one of our psychologists.

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