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Adult Therapy

We offer individual treatments for adults suffering a range of stressors and concerns.

Our focus is to support you in building your resilience. With our help, you will manage life’s difficulties more easily, and work your way back to happiness and health again.

Areas of expertise include:

establishing and dealing with relationships helping troubled relationships anger management balancing home and work empty nest depression anxiety physical health and chronic illness Trauma

Couples and Family Therapy

We offer treatments for couples and families suffering a range of issues and stressors.

Helping families improve their relationships, heal wounds, and better understand each other is at the core of our work.

Enhancing relationships with effective communication and resolution of conflict is integral to long-lasting happiness.

Our experience includes working on issues such as:

Budgeting and finances Housework and responsibilities Time management Parenting styles Sex Mismatched expectations of each other and the relationship Differences in personal or family values

Child and Adolescent Therapy

It can be surprising, both for adults and children, that there is a need for child psychology services. But children, like adults, can encounter a range of stresses and problems that they’re ill-equipped to deal with.

Our treatment and support helps both children and their parents manage the issues they face. Working together, treatment is designed to strengthen their resilience and provide them with the tools to reclaim their happiness and their lives.

Sessions are focused on structured discussions and activities where goals are collaboratively developed and worked towards.

It isn’t just about sitting and talking, but creating change for a positive tomorrow – for parents and children.

Issues we cover include:

Depression Anxiety Behavioural problems Family separation Stress Bullying Chronic pain  Eating disorders Grief Trauma

Corporate Services

One of Australia’s foremost psychologists, Amanda is available for speaking engagements across Australia.

Her experience includes national and international corporations and government offices, as well as not-for-profit organisations.

With a range of topics based on encouraging and motivating your professionals to be their best selves, Amanda’s unique and extensive skillset allows her to leverage your team’s determination.

To find out more, please speak with Amanda directly on 02 9362 3490.