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Amanda was the weekly Psychologist on Network Ten’s “Monday to Friday”, and makes regular appearances on Today Tonight, Midday, GMA, Sunrise, the Daily Edition and various other Australian television programmes.

To contact Amanda’s office about a television appearance, please contact 02 9362 3490.


From 1989 to 2001, Amanda was a weekly contributor to the ABC’s Late Night Psychologist national program.

During those years she was called to address a full range of psychological issues, including coping with the challenges of responding compassionately and productively to the problems raised by callers.


Sought after by magazines and newspapers as well as the television and radio, Amanda has a long association with the press.

She has previously been featured in ‘Ask Amanda’ for New Woman magazine, responded to readers’ questions in the Daily Telegraph and Good Medicine magazines, as well as many other national publications.

Described as the “go to psychologist” whenever there is an issue of impact to discuss, Amanda is the preferred psychologist


Amanda Gordon

BA Hons Psyc Hon FAPS

Director of Practice  & Principal Clinical Psychologist

Video Links

Understanding Anorexia Nervosa  Amanda explains the symptoms of Anorexia Nervosa, explains the patient’s perspective of their body image, and when treatment should be utilized.

Amanda describes the treatment process for Anorexia Nervosa, and how the patient and psychologist work together to help keep the patient on track.

Amanda describes the process of finding a psychologist and the opportunities available to patients to help them see a psychologist.

Amanda talks about the differences between normal grief or sadness and actual long-term depression.

Amanda describes the importance of feeling grief after tragedy, the difference between grief and depression, and how to help someone while they are grieving.

Amanda talks about marriage after one partner has an affair; how it would be possible to move past it and make it work again.

Amanda explains what kind of problems should lead one to a psychologist, and gives an overview of the different specialties for psychologists and what each area of psychology can assist patients in.

Amanda speaks on the benefits of pre-marital counseling, what types of couples benefit from counseling, and what potential patients should look for and how to help themselves in their relationships.

Amanda speaks on how to balance out, in a fair and healthy way, the money earned between the two parties in a relationship and how to deal with the monetary topic.

Amanda gives some tricks and strategies on how to control and maintain your weight in a healthy way.

Amanda gives a brief explanation of the Australian Psychological Society’s code of ethics and how these rules affect the psychologist and benefit the patient.

Amanda explains why a code of ethics for psychologists exists, what issues are directed by the code of ethics, and how this code benefits patients.

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