Amanda Gordon

Amanda is experienced in helping people deal with the full range of life crises, including managing relationships, coping with grief and loss, dealing with stress from a particular crisis, and managing change. She works with individuals, couples and families, helping them enrich their lifestyle and their effectiveness in the world.

Over her more than 25 years in practice, Amanda has assisted literally thousands of people to understand and manage their feelings and to make life choices. Some have remained in contact, touching base from time to time. Most have made good use of their time in therapy with Amanda, and have moved on in their lives making ongoing choices that have enhanced their sense of wellbeing. Amanda is the author of Amanda Gordon talks about Relationships.

Amanda Gordon is the Founder and Principal of Armchair Psychology Practice.  She is an endorsed specialist Health and Clinical Psychologist, and a member of each of those specialist Colleges of the Australian Psychological Society.

In addition to her clinical practice over many years, and her strong commitment to her clients from around Sydney and indeed further afield, Amanda has been a significant spokesperson to the media about psychological issues for many years. Most of all, Amanda wants to make a difference – and whether it’s one on one, working with couples, parents and children, or even work  teams – or communicating to the public generally, she is determined that the psychological evidence is used to enhance peoples’ lives. That is why you may have heard of Amanda, or read her comments or seen her on television – she does these things in the hope that she can enhance understanding and help people make positive changes in their lives.

Amanda Gordon’s passion about psychology and her belief that it is possible to use it to enhance community wellbeing has led her to be involved in the Profession of Psychology at the highest level.  She was Director of Communications of the peak professional body, the Australian Psychological Society from 2001, thence Vice President, and she was elected President in 2004 and 2006 for two consecutive two year terms.  During her term she worked for social justice, and counts amongst her greatest achievement the establishment of a bursary Foundation for Indigenous Psychology students, and supporting indigenous psychologists in establishing the Australian Indigenous Psychologists Association.

If you have heard of National Psychology Week (second week in November) … Amanda Gordon founded it in 2002.  The Armchair Psychology Practice celebrates it and would welcome your interest at that time.

Amanda Gordon is one of only fourteen Honorary Fellows of the Australian Psychological Society, elected to that class of membership by the AGM of the 20000 members in 2011.

Amanda is currently the convenor of the APS Refugees and Psychology Issues Interest Group. Since 2006 she has been a member of the Detention Health Expert Advisory Group to the Department of Immigration and Citizenship. In 2010 she chaired the Conference of the International Association for Cross-Cultural Psychology.

A dynamic public speaker, she is available to speak to your company or work team at conferences and retreats.

Topics addressed include:

Achieving your potential - Building teams - Enhancing work relationships - Juggling home and work responsibilities - Stress management - Issues relating to a specific conference theme

Amanda’s Advice

Problems With Sister - Overwhelming Series Of Stressful Events - Wife Unhappy In Hostile Marriage - Choosing Between Partner And Parents - Dealing With A Patronising Senior Colleague - Relationships With The Boss - Unfaithful To Spouse - Keeping Confidences - The “C”–Word  Commitment - Low In Male Hormones - Teased By Workmates - Troubled Teenagers - Emotional Intelligence


Amanda Gordon, director of Armchair Psychology Practice, is often in the media. She found her radio voice in the 1980s, speaking on behalf of the Queensland branch of the Australian Psychological Society during the International Year of the Family. Since then, she has become an established name in Australia through eleven years as the Psychologist on ABC Latenights. She is frequently heard on radio programmes around the nation, commenting on issues of public importance, giving advice on managing traumatic situations such as tsunamis, bushfires and floods, or responding to ‘talkback’.

Print journalists also often seek comment from Amanda, and she has from time to time written opinion pieces for newspapers. Over the years, Amanda has been ‘Ask Amanda” for New Woman magazine, responded to readers questions in the Daily Telegraph and Good Medicine magazine.

Amanda Gordon has also been a regular commentator on psychological issues for television news and current affairs, and has been regularly invited onto Sunrise, Today Tonight, A Current Affair and various morning programmes.

For seven years, Amanda Gordon was spokesperson for the Australian Psychological Society. Her comments since the end of her Presidency in 2008 have represented only her own opinions. Those are consistent, however, with APS policy.

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